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Frequently Asked Questions


Q How does the bonus point system work?

A There is a criteria for earning bonus points which will be explained to you once your shop is open. Your total bonus points at the end of our financial year will then be converted into our profit share scheme


Q Will I be tied into a contract?

A Not at all, if you decide we are not for you just let us know you wish to close your shop and cancel your direct debit. Your shop will then close immediately and no further shares of your products will take place.


Q What costs are involved after paying the initial admin fee?

A The amount depends on which package you have opted for. In the case of the Spellbound package only an annual admin fee of £4.99 is payable plus the 3% commission on sales and Paypal payment transaction fee of 20p


Q How do I calculate my postage costs?

A This will be automated within your product listing. You can also refer to Royal Mail postage rates. They have provided a useful pdf guide which can be found here. If you prefer to use Hermes their rates can be found here.


Q Can I post multiple images?

A Indeed yes in fact we encourage you to do so as it gives the customer a more informed view of your product. All images should be of high quality and preferable taken with a neutral background.


Q Can I import listings from another selling platform?

A You can yes in fact this is one of our features. You will need to export your list then rearrange this into our format before importing but we can help with this


Q Can I post videos of my products?

A Yes there is an option to do so, by posting a link to your video on Vimeo or You Tube


Q How can I be sure my personal data is secure?

A We take security of your personal data very seriously and we explain how in our privacy policy which is available on the website.


Q How reliable is your site?

A No website is immune from outage as facebook learnt to their cost recently however our servers are optimised for e commerce and are backed up every hour so we are using a resilient system.


Q What are the benefits of opening a shop with you?

A We offer exclusive member benefits including competitions where you can win exciting prizes, a bonus point system which can translate into profit share, members forum and a shoulder to lean on!


Q Once I join what support is available to me?

A The Enchanted team are available to you 7 days a week not quite 24/7 as we need to sleep sometimes! This means we can deal with your enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is also a members forum where you can ask questions on what ever you need to know even if it is how to glitter a glass, where is the best place to buy wholesale wool ….etc. In addition there will be tips and tricks posted in your support group.


Q What makes you different to the rest?

A Our ethos is Customer Service above all else. We will do everything within our power to ensure your experience with us is a happy and enjoyable one. At Enchanted you are a member not a number. We do not believe any other selling platform can match this. There is also a profit share potential which stands us apart from the rest


Q How will I receive payment for my sales?

A Payments are received into the Enchanted account and these are forwarded to you on a weekly basis on a Friday less any commission and/or payment transaction fees, depending on your package.


Q Is your site mobile friendly?

A Yes it is.. We use a responsive design website which will resize itself, and re-organise the information to suit the available screen size.   Responsive design is also good for Google rankings as it shows provision for all of its users. If you visit our own website on different devices or resize the browser window you will see how the horizontal menu becomes vertical and the blocks of information are stacked on top of each other rather than just seeing a miniature version of the site.


Q How does your loyalty scheme work?

A You will receive loyalty points for each item purchased on each visit to our site and these will equate to discounts or a gift card to use against future purchases


Q What happens if I have a dispute with my seller?

A Initially you should try to resolve any disputes direct with your seller, however if this does not resolve your issue we are happy to mediate to reach an amicable solution


Q What are postage options?

A Each seller posts their own postage rates and these are calculated at checkout. If making multiple purchases from one shop we recommend that you contact them to provide a bulk shipping price.


Q What happens if I want to make multiple purchases from different shops?

A There is no problem with this your purchases will be added to your basket and the total calculated at checkout.


Q What is the process for returning items?

A Each seller will have their own set of terms and conditions and you should refer to those. If in doubt enquire with your seller.


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