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Members Bonus Point Scheme


We are setting out on our journey and would love to involve our members as well as rewarding your loyalty and support.


In order to achieve our goals, we need to get the word out there that we are here. We also want to give you empowerment.


The scheme will work as follows:

Points will be earnt in accordance with the table below and will stay with you for the lifetime of your membership with us. Should you decide we are not the place for you, you will forfeit all points earnt when you leave.


The idea is to support loyalty and commitment.


At the end of each financial year, the bonus points earnt will transfer into our profit share scheme.

Points table

More options will be added for earning points as we move forward

We will e mail you a statement every 6 months so you can see how you are doing.

Although we will be keeping a record of your points we are only human and errors can occur so we recommend you download the bonus point record form and keep your own details which you can then compare with our statements.